Kimberly Latta earned an M.A. in Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley in 1986 and a Ph.D. in English at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in 1998.  She also studied German literature and philosophy at the University of Tübingen and taught English literature and writing to German high school students on a Fulbright Scholarship in Hamburg.  Fluent in German and functional in French and Spanish, she has has more than 15 years of experience teaching English literature, cultural and women’s studies at Vassar College, Saint Louis University, and the University of Pittsburgh.  She specialized in early modern and early Enlightenment literature, especially poetry and the novel.   After training with Joanne Vandenhengel at 3rd Street Yoga and Bliss Bliss Bliss, she became a certified yoga teacher in 2013.

She is currently training to become a psychotherapist in the Social Work program at the University of Pittsburgh and studying Buddhism at the Shambhala Meditation Center in PIttsburgh.

3 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi Kimberly, I was trying to remember this Danish film yesterday. You can stream it from Netflix.
    After the Wedding (Efter Brylluppet) by Director Susanne Bier. So nice to have met you.
    To save the failing orphanage he runs in India, Danish transplant Jacob Petersen (Mads Mikkelsen) returns to his homeland to meet a self-indulgent businessman named Jørgen who’s offered a generous donation — and represents everything the noble-minded Jacob abhors. Complicating matters further are the unusual strings Jørgen has attached to his so-called gift. Rolf Lassgård co-stars in this Oscar-nominated emotional powerhouse of a drama.


  2. I’m very happy to have known you. You are an awesome woman with a deep heart and much caring for the world around you. We need more people like you in this world.




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