This is it

So, tonight I woke up at a cocktail party and thought, ‘this is it; you have grown up and this is your life.’   So different from the way I grew up.  But which is worse? to grow up again and again in new worlds with their own particular customs and rules, or to grow … More This is it


My son, my only child, was born months after my mother succumbed, fighting, to colon cancer.  She was 55.  I was 30.  When the doctors diagnosed cancer, I immediately got pregnant. I had spent a lot of my life up to that point doing everything I could not to become my mother.   I looked … More Mothering


Happy Beltane, Everyone. The ancient Celtic people celebrated the beginning of summer on May 1, or thereabouts, with feasting and celebrations.  Check out “veritas curat’s” interesting blog on the festival here. Dani McClain writes fiercely and well about the ideological aims of what she represents as a particularly nauseating ABC special about black single women. … More Noteworthy