What I love here:

The comforting croak of the frogs at night. The sound of rain on a tin roof. Women walking in kurtas, veils trailing. Hennaed hands on the first of Saun. Temples like mushrooms in the unlikeliest of places. Mild-mannered dogs, neither tame nor wild, sleeping in intersections. Ducklings waddling down the center of the street. Chicks … More What I love here:

The Turtle

11 July 2010 The Little Tibetan Inn, Pokhara, 6 am The Turtle I dreamed that I was the passenger in a car.  The person driving was a supportive male friend.  A turtle wandered into the road and flipped itself over right in the middle of the lanes.  I made the driver stop, got out of … More The Turtle


This morning I dreamt I was on a beach that I’ve been to many times in my unconscious.  I had been there overnight because I was working on my book.  I had a flash of insight into how to explain the relationship between economic production and human reproduction, and needed just a bit longer. I … More Dreaming

Namo Buddha (Hail to the Buddha) and Nepali Women

3 July 2, 2011 Yesterday I visited an important Buddhist shrine, Namo or Naya Buddha, with two other volunteers, Shannon and Darima, and a group of Hindu women from the Women’s Center. I teach these Nepali women English, and they taught me more about Nepali spirituality than any book or article I’ve read.  They don’t … More Namo Buddha (Hail to the Buddha) and Nepali Women

Nepal is beautiful

July 2, 2011 Have spend the entire day with Nepali women who were speaking Nepali.  My head is filled with Nepali phrases, and when I start to nod off I think I am still on one of those endlessly crowded, hot, and uncomfortable bus rides. ]  


2 July 2011 For my birthday I walked to Bouda, where there is an enormous stupa sacred to Buddhist everywhere. I went over the hill, asking directions along the way, and ended up on a muddy road that took me to the Bagwati river, which flows through Pashupatinath to the Ganges. I got lost temporarily, … More Boudha

Canada Day

July 1, 2011 Anura, Bipin, Gorima, Nirmala and Krishala sang Happy Birthday to me.  I had brought everyone presents—blue and white ribbons for the big girls, who have long hair, purple barrets for the younger two, and a ping-pong paddle set for Bipin.  We walked to school the way we always do.  We pass the … More Canada Day

Exhausted in Nepal

30 June, 2011 Eve of my 51st birthday.  I am tucked into my hard but comfortable bed under a lavender mosquito net in Nepal.    I have views of the mountains from my corner room. The frogs in the fields around the house are making a high-pitched whirring sound that comforts me.  I am here … More Exhausted in Nepal