Fear of Writing

A fellow wordpresser relates that she typed in “fear and writing” and that a lot of stuff came up. She didn’t explain what came up,, or what prompted her to google “fear and writing,” but she did say this: A friend and I laugh about how it’s gotten that not only do you have to write … More Fear of Writing

International Women’s Day

3/8/10 Today, March 8, I am blogging in commemoration of International Women’s Day.  The great German socialist and feminist Clara Zetkin is credited for having invented the memorial as part of her fight for women’s suffrage and for better working conditions for women and men everywhere. The socialist movement had always been an international campaign, part … More International Women’s Day

The Rapists at College

The commonplace that men who rape women are misogynists bears repeating. A recent study by psychologist David Lisak shows that college rapists are overwhelmingly repeat offenders (9 out of 10) who deliberately seek out vulnerable women, especially women who have been drinking. “When compared to men who do not rape,” Lisak observes, “these undetected rapists … More The Rapists at College